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Best Flowers to Send on International Women’s Day 2023

Sending your love in the form of flowers is the sweetest thing anyone can offer. Let’s check on some of the greatest options of flowers for the celebration of women’s day

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Flowers are amazing, they are so simple, delicate yet they make these everyday things special. Flowers have always had a close association with humans and their feelings but when it comes to women, flowers have played a major role. They are not just another thing out there rather they are unique and thoughtful. Flowers are valued not just for their pretty looks but also carry a ton of emotions and feelings. One such occasion where flowers are a must and not only a thing of beauty is the International Women’s Day.

There are so many beautiful flowers for women's day which makes giving flowers on international women's day fun, exciting and also a tradition. 

Here is a list of flower along with bouquet ideas that you can get your hands on this time around:


It’s right to begin with these yellow little fur balls with intricate leaves, this flower was chosen to be the symbol of the struggles women had during the feminist movement and also the color yellow signifies hope. More so, Mimosas are scientifically not a flower but a shrub. However you can always add them to your flower bouquet. Yellow from the mimosa buds will bring a pop of color to your bouquet and green from the leaves would be a great contrast. With florists in arlington va you can get these official flowers and other upcoming flowers as well.


Talking about flowers for international women's day you cannot forget flowers that have also been promising and never let us down. Classic Orchid flowers bring up a purple flower to our mind that looks elegant and tall. Apart from purple Orchids also some in interesting colors like yellow, lime green and an all time favorite white. For happy women's day flowers you can go with just these gorgeous flowers or add them to other flowers like spray roses, carnations, and lilies. Not to forget what these flowers mean, they symbolize beauty, wealth and good wishes. 

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A flower that you will find everywhere including in flower shops in fairfax va. Roses always come to your rescue when you don't know what to pick. Roses always serve as a safe choice when it comes to fresh cut flowers because nothing can go wrong with them. But to make sure that you convey your feelings right for Women’s day, going with yellow roses is preferable. The focus is not just on the color yellow but the meaning of the flower where yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy.


An unconventional pick, if you want to add a romantic touch to this women’s day instead of going for red roses you can grab these lovely pink wonders. Peonies are known for their soft colors and delicate shape. These slowly open up and from a round bulb of pearls turns into a gorgeous bloom. You can once again go with just these or create a mix with lilies or pink carnations. Peonies are a symbol of love and grace making it the perfect choice.

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