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How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your First Anniversary

Planning to celebrate your very first anniversary! Along with first anniversary flowers here are some beautiful anniversary flowers arrangement that your partner would love..

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Planning to celebrate your very first anniversary, then you would definitely be needing a bunch of things. Depending on what you are planning your requirements might change but what stays constant for a romantic surprise are flowers. Flowers for anniversary are something you would always want to have, since flowers make everything so romantic and special. Interestingly there are designated flowers for each year passed together, you can pick any flower out there but if you want to know more about flowers for the first anniversary then you are in the right place. Along with First anniversary flowers here are some beautiful anniversary flowers arrangement that your partner would love..


The flowers that are known to be the official flower for your every first anniversary together are these cute and fluffy carnations. These pretty looking flowers come in various shades of pinks, red, white, yellow, orange and even green. Carnations are just amazing along with a wide shade range; they also come in two sizes - regular and mini ones. Handling carnations and creating bouquets with them is super easy and hence they are loved by every florist including florist reston va.

Only carnations

Since carnations are great for romantic bouquets you can go with an all carnations bouquet. You can add to this, assorted carnations with different vibrant colors. Or you can go with a single color like pink or red. You can also add two colors together like pink and white or red and orange. Clearly the possibilities are endless. When searching for a reliable florist online delivery in your area, look no further than flower delivery arlington va that doesn't compromise on the beauty and freshness of your arrangements.

Carnations & Roses

If not just carnations you can always mix up your flower bouquet with other flowers and for a romantic anniversary dinner nothing can really beat the magic of roses. Both these flowers compliment each other really well so to create a lovely anniversary flower bouquet you can go with red roses and white carnations. This contrast really brings out the best in both flowers, you can also go with a bunch of long stem roses with mini carnations.

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Carnations & Sunflowers

If you are looking for some fun anniversary flowers you can go with this bright and beautiful combination. For this you would need a big bunch of sunflowers all bright and happy and you can add red carnations to this. Since Sunflowers are tall and there is a major size difference between the two flowers make sure to cut the stem of the sunflowers to match with carnations. Arrange these in a short square clear glass vase for a presentable look.

Carnations & Gerberas

Another one for people who love color, this combination will bring a kick of energy to your celebration. Again cut short the stems on both the flowers and arrange them in a vase. You can put together any color like hot pink gerberas with light pink carnations or even yellow ones would look amazing. Apart from vases you can also set up your flowers in a box, there are various shapes like circle, heart and square which you can choose from.

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