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The Best Flowers to Send for Easter

This time around send easter flowers along with good wishes, warm hugs and remembrance of Jesus Christ from Greensleeves Florist

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As the spring season begins Easter is the first festival people look forward to. This christian holiday is meant to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his promise of resurrection. The date for this festival changes every year and it can fall between March 22 and April 25. Easter is celebrated with church masses, ringing of bells, easter egg activities and exchanging flowers. Decorating the space around you, especially the altar has always been a big part of any celebration.

Here are some popular easter flowers names.

Easter Lily

With all the different types of easter flowers around this one is the most popular. Known for its religious significance Easter lilies are a symbol of renewal, hope and purity. These come in white color with a trumpet like shape. You will find these flowers enchanting the beauty of homes, churches and spaces around you during Easter. This flower in particular is fragrant and its clean white color will always remind you of the purity of Jesus christ.

Easter Cactus

This is another Easter special plant, with flat stems and perky edges. Along with cactus like leaves this flower also bears pink flowers which are bright and vibrant. This happy easter flower is actually a plant. And you can get this from florists in Arlington va and send it around with best wishes. Coming to what this flower means, it stands for rebirth. And that is exactly what the festival of Easter stands for.


This flower is again a spring bloom and is found in various shades like blue, violet, purple, pink, white and yellow. You must have seen these growing in gardens and backyards and they look phenomenal. Wish your friends and family a happy easter with flowers this time around with a mix of traditional easter flowers and spring blooms. You can go with a combination of Easter lilies and Iris, this will bring a hint of color to the white canvas of lilies.


One of the largest species of flowers that come under daisies, these are not just yellow and white but in a variety of shapes, colors and types. Daisies are a great pick when it comes to flowers for Easter, because they are easy to find and have a huge variety. You can create a whole flower arrangement with just different types of daisies. Any flower shops in Fairfax, Va will create for you a unique and exclusive flower arrangement with this pretty flower.


These spring blooms are one of the very first flowers to grow after the winter season has passed, and this is what makes them a representation of resurrection. Daffodils apart from symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings also stand for the promise of resurrection and with easter flowers delivery from greensleeves florist you can send these across in time for Easter celebrations. Daffodils are found in colors yellow and white and have an interesting shape. With round petals they have a star shaped middle and a bright green stem.

This time around send easter flowers along with good wishes, warm hugs and remembrance of Jesus Christ. Flowers have always been an important part of festivals around the globe, so don't miss out on these ones. Get these lovely flowers this easter for all your dear ones and fill their easter celebration with meaning and joy.

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